Benjamin Gravesteijn

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy after repeated soccer headings

Methodological and societal barriers

This weekend, the NRC, an important Dutch newspaper, published an article concerning the influence of major sports organizations (UEFA, FIFA, AFL) on research concerning chronic traumatic encaphalopathy (CTE). CTE has seen more and more public interest in the last couple of decades. This disease has been described to occur after a career in sports such as soccer, football, or boxing: these are all associated with a substantial amount of repeated mild concussions.

Research Highlight: a New Classification for Traumatic Brain Injury

Hypothesis free analyses: can we learn anything from that?

Last couple of weeks, I haven’t been the most active on this blog, unfortunately. I started my clinical rotations, and still had to finish a couple of deadlines for my PhD. Therefore, I neglected this channel. However, I still wanted to bring you a new research highlight of my newest paper. It has been published in the journal of Neurotrauma, and is one of the results from the CENTER-TBI study.

Research highlight: Cost effectiveness of ECPR

The first official post in the series of research highlight will be a paper that I recently published in the journal “Resuscitation”. The title of the study is “Cost-effectiveness of extracorporeal cardiopulmonary resuscitation after in-hospital cardiac arrest: A Markov decision model”, which is a lengthy, sophisticated, complex, and incomprehensible title, as research should be. Let’s break down what it is about, why we did this study, so we could have a chat about it some time.