Benjamin Gravesteijn

Anaesthesia meets Vienna

Mentally, I started preparing for this business trip in Tokyo, Japan. After making my way over to the national art center, I was notified that one of the new exhibitions was “Vienna on her way to Modernism”. Through paintings, decorations, and fasion of the fin-de-siècle Viennese art scene, the transformation of Vienna on its way to the 20th century was meticulously displayed. From “just” a European city, to the capitol of the continent, through the development of intensive instrastructure, avant-garde architecture, and of course, the flourishing culture, centered around the Viennese bourgoisie.

Evolution or revolution

Kunnen de impactfactoren voor de kwaliteit van wetenschap op de schop? Van H-index en Journal Impact Factor naar narratieven en relevantie. Discussier mee via #wetenschapper2030 @IngeborgMeijer — ZonMw (@ZonMw) May 20, 2019 Yesterday, I attended a meeting organized by the main Dutch funding organizations ZonMW and the NWO, called “Evolution or Revolution”, together with Daphne Voormolen. The aim of the meeting was to have an open discussion.