Benjamin Gravesteijn

TBI, beer, and chocolates in Leuven

Starting of #icpic2019 - listening to the most important viewpoint- that of the patient — David Menon (@Menon_Cambridge) September 8, 2019 For the last month, I have been staying in Cambridge, as you perhaps have read before. However, last week was a little different. I have been flying quite a lot this year: Japan, Vienna, Cambridge, Milan… But my final trip of 2019 commenced last week: a conference in the former beer capitol of the world, Leuven.

Research visit to Cambridge

The last couple of weeks, I am working in Cambridge. I’m working here with Ari Ercole, and David Menon. Moving to a city where you don’t know anybody can be quite scary. Will you find enough distraction, or will I bore myself to death? Will I drown myself with work, just to keep myself busy? Or will I find a balance? Deep learning My main focus while I’m here is to develop a deep learning algorithm to predict how patients will be treated the next day, based on how they have been treated.

Writer's visit to Milan

“Retire me to my Milan, where every third thought shall be my grave.” William Shakespeare Visiting Milan to write a paper at the Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico di Milano: sounds like the most inspiring place to write, right? I know a professor who likes to come here for a week to write books, or funding applications. But now it’s my turn to be inspired by the city of fashion, the most cultivated and wealthiest city of Italy: the country of love.