Benjamin Gravesteijn

Research Highlight: a New Classification for Traumatic Brain Injury

Hypothesis free analyses: can we learn anything from that?

Last couple of weeks, I haven’t been the most active on this blog, unfortunately. I started my clinical rotations, and still had to finish a couple of deadlines for my PhD. Therefore, I neglected this channel. However, I still wanted to bring you a new research highlight of my newest paper. It has been published in the journal of Neurotrauma, and is one of the results from the CENTER-TBI study.

Research highlight: Cost effectiveness of ECPR

The first official post in the series of research highlight will be a paper that I recently published in the journal “Resuscitation”. The title of the study is “Cost-effectiveness of extracorporeal cardiopulmonary resuscitation after in-hospital cardiac arrest: A Markov decision model”, which is a lengthy, sophisticated, complex, and incomprehensible title, as research should be. Let’s break down what it is about, why we did this study, so we could have a chat about it some time.

Research highlight: introduction

This blogpost is the first in a series, called “Research Highlights”. This is a series where I will put my research into context, contemplate on what I did, and why, and most of all: comprehensible for everybody. I have been thinking about this since only recently, and I would like to share some thoughts on why this feels like the appropriate thing to do. Most of you probably know that one of the perks of being a PhD student, is to write and publish papers.